Finding the Right Dermatologist
Finding the Right Dermatologist


Tips for finding your derm partner

Finding the right dermatologist experienced in diagnosing and treating HS is the most important step in successfully treating your HS. Find one near you with our dermatologist locator!

Find the right dermatologist
In short, look for a derm who:
Treats you with respect
Listens to your concerns and thoughts
Encourages you to ask questions and share concerns
Explains things in ways you can easily understand
Find the right dermatologist

Want more help talking to your dermatologist about HS?

From describing symptoms in intimate places to HS’s impact on your day-to-day life—HS can be challenging to discuss

But you can have better conversations with your derm if you come prepared with information about your personal HStory. Answer a few questions and get a handy download of your HS timeline. 

What to expect at your dermatologist visit

Here are some quick ways to prepare for your derm visit: 

Discuss when your HS symptoms began, how often they come, how long they last, and how they’ve changed over time.  

It’s especially important to share if you have type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), autoimmune disease, or other conditions. 

Photos can help your derm understand your HS.

Does your condition affect your mood or relationships? Do you avoid certain types of clothes for making you feel self-conscious or physically uncomfortable? Talk about all the ways HS affects you so your doctor can make better recommendations.

For example, smoking is highly associated with HS, so your doctor may ask if you smoke.

What worked? What didn’t? Sharing with your dermatologist can help them customize the best plan for you.