Importance of Seeking a Dermatologist


Why a Dermatologist?

Because hidradenitis suppurativa is a condition that isn’t well known, some doctors might be unfamiliar with it. And while dermatologists specialize in skin conditions, not all are experienced with HS. A dermatologist who is familiar with HS can:

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    Recognize and more easily diagnose HS
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    Understand that HS is a systemic condition caused by inflammation in the body
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    Customize treatment plans to manage your HS symptoms 
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    Explain available HS treatment options and the latest research
Seeking a dermatologist

Questions to ask your dermatologist

Here are some questions to help you get the most out of your next dermatologist appointment.

Seeking a dermatologist
  • 01 Line dotted What stage of HS am I in—and how does that affect my treatment options?
  • 02 Line dotted What are some signs that my HS is getting worse?
  • 03 Line dotted Can you explain how inflammation inside my body contributes to my HS?
  • 04 Line dotted What are the latest treatments for HS?
  • 05 Line dotted What can I do to help manage the emotions that go along with living with HS?
  • 06 Line dotted How can I reduce my pain and discomfort?
  • 07 Line dotted What are the best ways to ensure I do not get an infection in one of my affected areas?

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